10 Facts From The Marvel Cinematic Universe That You Don’t know

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest and most popular movie production studios that has revolutionized the comic book movies. Marvel has shown incredible growth in the past decade and still continues to show much growth to come in the near future. This has continuously increased its fanbase and consequently, it's popularity in the world. In this article we are going to tell you 10 amazing facts from Marvel Cinematic Universe that you didn't know:

1.) Marvel total earnings are $ 7.1 Billion. Marvel studios decided to take the risk of producing its own films and also setting the films in the same cinematic universe. The first blockbuster that they created was Ironman which was well received and later followed up by The Incredible Hulk that didn't perform as expected. After creating this two movies Marvel decided to up their game by creating Avengers which brought up a belief of marvel shared universe that had all superheroes. Avengers is now at number 5 on the listicle of the highest selling films of all time with a total sale of more than $1.5 billion. All other Marvel movies have a sale of more than $250 million that totals up to $7.1 billion of Marvel's total earnings.

2.)  Samuel L Jackson commonly known as Nick Fury has a signed contract to appear on nine Marvel movies. He has already appeared on five Marvel movies and still has four more movies to appear on before the deal expires.

3.) Robert Downey's pay rise: In the late 90's Downey was arrested and charged with drug possession, this brought his career to a downward spiral. In 2001 he patched himself up and made a comeback on Ironman (2008) as Tony Stark. In this deal, he was only paid $500,000 that can't be compared to the sales of $585 million that the movie, Iron man made at worldwide box office. He was later paid $10 million so as to make a return as Ironman and a further $50 million so as to in The Avengers.

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4.) Terrence Howard who played the role of Col. James Rhodes in Ironman, was the highest paid actor on the film at that moment, bagging a sum of $3.5 million. These amounts were later lowered to $1 million dollars.This made Howard decline the offer hence forcing Marvel to award the role to Don Cheadle who happily accepted it.

5.) The Marvel franchise is the 2nd highest grossing movie franchise after Harry Potter with only 10 movies. Harry Potter is first with a total of $8 billion. It is predicted that this will soon change and Marvel will top the list and it'll be available on

6.) The Marvel universe was created by Kevin Feige who is the current president of Marvel Studios. He is the one who came up with the idea of a shared Marvel universe among the superheroes. He later took a big loan to make a fantasy world set that Ironman was shot.

7.) Clark Gregg who plays the role of Agent Phil Coulson has the longest screen time in Marvel movies combined. He has appeared on Iron man, Iron man 2, Avengers, Thor, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

8.) Daniel Craig commonly known as James Bond was originally considered for Thor's role in 2011's Thor. He declined the offer due to his already existing contractual terms with James Bond franchise. The role was later given to Chris Hemsworth.

9.) The Mandarin is the villain in the world of comic books (Ironman). The Mandarin was to be the main villain in the first Iron Man but Jon Favreau, Iron man director dropped the idea citing it as so strong for the first part.

10.) Joss Whedon is Marvels creative consultant in each and every movie Marvel produces. He advises the movie directors without necessarily getting in the way of the filmmakers.


All the above facts are 100% true and have been extensively researched before being published. We bet you have never heard these facts before.

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