5 Common Myths and Facts About Water Softeners

Hard water is the most difficult fact to accept. The more we learn and accept the reality of hard water, the easier it will be for us to find the right solution to the issue of hard water. We are well versed with the fact that hard water can significantly damage the plumping system of your house and it is irritating to know that how scale build-up can reduce the efficiency of the plumbing system and washers and water heaters. If you consider hard water to be an issue in your house, then chances are you have fallen victim to the some of the hard water myths and hence you might have installed hard water softeners. There are many people who avoid installing water softeners because of the myths about water softeners which are shared commonly and believed to be true. To make things clear about water softener here are 5 common myths and facts about water softener.

Facts About Water Softeners

  1. Myth – Water Softeners Add Too Much of Salt To Water

Fact – This is the common myth that is believed to be true. But the reality is that water softeners actually make use of ion exchange technology which removes the chemicals from water which cause the water to be hard. The ion exchange process replaces the hard minerals in water with the sodium ions and the sodium gets added to the water that is released by the facets and it is not salt. There is no evidence to prove that sodium may cause inflammation or other health complications.

  1. Myth – Water Softeners Remove Essential Nutrients from Water

Fact – It is believed that water softeners remove the essential nutrients, but in reality it only removes the minerals from water. Water that you drink add no essential nutrients to your diet and the fact is that the human body finds it difficult to absorb the inorganic minerals in water compared to the minerals found in foods. Magnesium and calcium are actually available excessively and can be digested easily in foods like grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

  1. Myth – The Water Softener Disburse Acidic Water

Fact – Till certain extent this myth is true because some of the water softeners deliver acidic water as it lowers the pH value of water, making it acidic in nature. But, the water softeners never make your water corrosive acid which is harmful for your health and plumbing. The water softeners usually remove the bicarbonates and replace it with carbon dioxide which lowers the pH value of water from 7 to 6. The neutral level of pH is 6 and it is not considered acidic and it is less acidic than rain water and milk.

  1. Myth - The Softened Water by Water Softener Leaves Film on Skin

Fact – Many people complain that after switching to soft water from hard water then experience a different feeling in their skin when they take shower. But the reality is that the slimy feeling is basically the film that is left behind by the soap which is not washed away by the water. In reality it is the opposite as hard water could leave behind the soap scum on your skin making you feel itchy. The slickness on your skin after shower is the natural essential oils of your hair and body that is produce naturally, but not the residue of soft water.

  1. Water Softeners Waste Energy, Salt and Water

Fact – Many people believe that taking shower is not wastage of water as it is a trade-off for using water and being clean. The same applies for water softener because there is a trade-off for the salt and water being used. In fact, having the best Water Softener can help you save money in different ways.

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