Top 5 Marvel Movie Villains of All Time

Marvel brand movies are the best when it comes to superhero movie genre and every movie has a unique and powerful villain. These villains are always on the plot of destroying mankind and even galaxies in some cases. It is these villains that create desperate situations that call for or give birth to new superheroes. So the credit definitely goes to the villains when it comes to making a Marvel movie a grand success. Here is a list of five of the most dangerous villains from the house of Marvel.

1. Loki - Avengers and Thor series

Loki is not just any ordinary villain or a monster from some other planet. He is a powerful god turned into a villain that makes him the strongest of all. His cunnings intent and highly manipulative characteristics can make him very hard to be defeated. This immortal villain has been a center of attraction in Avenger series and few Thor movie sequels. He has the power to bring the dead back to life and call all the villains of the universe with his single command. The staff that he carries is equally dangerous and he can only be stopped but not destroyed for good.

2. Magneto - X-Men movie series

All the X-Men movie sequels have one common and dangerous enemy, Magneto, who can control anything and anyone in the world. He is the ultimate overlord of the mutant world and a great threat to the whole of mankind. He not only possesses the power of magnet that can destroy anything instantly with the fold of his wrists, but he is ultimate creator of several dangerous mutants too. With the ability to control other's minds, he definitely deserves the credit of being second most dangerous Marvel villain.

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3. Thanos - Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanos is the most dreadful villain out in the deep space with control over hundreds of planets. This inter galactical bad guy is huge and possesses massive destruction powers.

Thanos is still not been destroyed in the guardian's movie sequels and his powers are yet to be revealed. With a super commanding voice and deadly personality, he sure looks very tough to be defeated. He also appeared in the 'Age of Ultron', yet still undefeated.

4. Obadiah Stane - Iron Man

Obadiah Stane (played by Jeff Briddges) is the villain in the very first Iron Man movie and did really make quite an impression as the ultimate bad guy. Though he did not possess any supernatural powers, his cruel intentions and ability to build tougher than iron man suit did work in his favor. Stane aggressive approach to taking power in his hands makes him no less dangerous than any other Marvel villains. Once in the comics, he almost defeated Iron Man.

5. Green Goblin - Spiderman

Being a father of Peter Parker's best buddy and a respected public figure, he did not have any reasons to become the villain. But one rejection on his project at a science lab was sufficient to make him the deadliest villain of the 2002 movie. He was very manipulative and was easily able to blend in the real world each time he committed a dangerous crime using his secret goblin suit.

These five Marvel villains did complete justice in their respective movies and were successful in bringing mass destruction. It took all the powers of superheroes to bring these bad guys down. And some of them still managed to survive for upcoming movies.

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