Top 5 Marvel Movies of all Time

Marvel movies are some of the staples of modern cinema. Midnight releases, things to look forward to and beautiful spectacles have made every new release a part of our calendars. While they have taken a couple of missteps along the way the best of Marvel is some of the best of cinema. If you want to find the finest Marvel has to offer, here you have them.

#5 Iron Man

While it lacks some of the polish of the later movies Iron Man must get a mention because, well, it's why we have Marvel movies. This funny, action-packed the spectacle of a movie launched the superhero genre back into popularity with its charming lead, pulse-pounding robot fights and compelling storyline. This article personally challenges readers to go back and watch the first time Iron Man takes off and try not to think it's awesome.

#4 Thor Ragnarok

The latest offering from Marvel is one of its best, launching itself into one of the highest echelons with compelling villains, charming comedy and excellent performances in every leading role. From Jeff Goldblum's a dorky ruler of the world to Hela's imposing figure. Every major character is worth the watch. Thor shines on screen and plays off Loki and the Hulk brilliantly. Plus, the fight scenes have to be seen to be believed.

#3 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians heralded a new generation of more of a fun Marvel movies. It was explosive, clever, goofy and featured a cast of characters who were all fun and all played well together. It also features one of the Marvels few legitimately credible villains in Ronan the Accuser. The obsessed and enraged Ronan was the perfect straight man to the ridiculous antics of the main group. With space travel, spectacles and action to spare, it has become one of the best-loved Marvel movies for a good reason.

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#2 The Avengers

The first time we had a working Marvel team and one of the coolest things we'd seen at the time Avengers still holds up magnificently. The Hulk shines every moment he shows up, and each character gets to take on Loki in their own way, going from strength to strength. Also, you get to see an old man stand up to a god and Thor smashed Captain America with a hammer. Which is great AF.

#1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America, the Winter Soldier is the best movie Marvel has made and one of the best action movies period. It's action-packed, the characters are amazing and frankly, it's simply the smartest movie Marvel has made to date. Fast paced and seamlessly melding action, superhero and spy movie conventions while keeping a flavor and spectacle that is so essentially Marvel.

Marvel Cinema has been going from strength to strength over the years and only seems to be getting smarter, bigger and better as time goes by. With the Infinity War event coming and the Black Widow movie just announced things are only going to get better.

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