The award of the Best Show for E3 was given to Resident Evil 2. To provide this award, influencer outlets and independent people vote in a process. This will help both platforms and publishers to be presented with these awards easily. The awards are given concerning several categories or groups. It is an exciting remake game, and Resident Evil 2 was presented the award for the Best Show.

This follows the capability of the producing company to redesign the original game published around 1998. The company was able to defeat other new version games on E3 such as Cyberpunk 2077. The best of E3 2018 winners have been declared after the Game Critics Awards compiled the votes.

It was a huge surprise to see Resident Evil 2 Remake crowned the winner of this year’s E3 Show. From this amazing award-winning event, it is shocking to discover that no gaming producing company grabbed prizes beyond anticipation. However, Insomniac and BioWare were the companies that tried moving close to that hallmark. Each game producing company had 2 awards each in the E3 Show of 2018.

Why Resident Evil 2 Remake Grabbed The Winning Prize?

Seeing the Resident Evil 2, Remake pick that amazing prize sent a shockwave across the gaming industry. There are several things attributed to the game being awarded the best among other rivals. First, it is difficult to tell the storyline of an existing game in the actual way the producer intended. The producers of Resident Evil 2 Remake were able to carve out a storyline that remains original and innovative. The innovation that emanated from the remake of Resident Evil 2 grabbed the attention of both fans and award-winning organisers.

The tact and gameplay that operates the Resident Evil 2 Remake is another talking point. The sleek ergonomic design of the game remains a great mix along with the gameplay. Players have enough opportunity to rank high in the game and apply a gamut of additional features to boost their chances of winning. Technically, the manufacturers were able to add simpler, easier and accessible features that make the game more captivating to play.

Usability, accessibility, design, gameplay and ergonomic features put together by expert designers help to push Resident Evil 2 Remake through the finish line of success. Fans will like to see more efforts from the producers of the game after this year’s E3 Show award. Above all, the structure and format of the game are also great factors that provided another edge over other companies.


Above all, Resident Evil 2 from Capcom remains the talk of the town for recreating the E3 Show winning process. The company was able to garner its productivity and creativity into the game. More people hope that Capcom will keep the spirit of winning in future E3 Shows.

The first-person most well-known shooter game in the globe today is Counter-Strike. It comes with reduce system requirements and simple to play. Counter-Strike has no campaign mode and backstory. In this game, only teammates and their ammo are thrown into wars to compete. The main objective of Counter-Strike is to win your opponent.

Borderlands 2

This FSP game is one of the best in the market. Some amazing features of Borderlands 2 come from RPG. For instance, the ability to change the skin of your character is a great feature of Borderlands 2 that emanates from RPG. It is a game that continues the existence of Borderlands 1, but with some great upgrades. The fluidity, loot, and narratives are all from Borderlands 1. Borderlands 2 are primarily focused on loot as a great feature.

Battlefield 1

This game is solely focused on the concept of World War 1. It reflects the idea of one of the toughest battles of the globe. Everyone is thrown in a war that reflects the hope of the military that took part in the war. The gameplay of this game is simple and easy to understand. In this game, you don’t need any special characters or skills.


The gameplay, artistry, and design make Overwatch a unique game of the century. The objective-oriented gameplay of the game is exceptional. Overwatch operates on a 6v6 multiplayer method with tons of characters and goodies to select from. The normal skill set of Overwatch is beyond the scope of Counter-Strike.

Players that only target the bullseye may not be heavily rewarded in this game. Even if you make use of just one strategy every time, the game may not reward heavily. If you are ready to expose your skills, then Overwatch remains the best game to play.

Left 4 Dead 2

It is the sequel of an original game that existed before. It comes with several tweaks and 5 complete and more communicative campaigns. The settings of the game will help you to crack your brain more. Even more modes and options are provided to help you get the best when playing this game.

The game is mainly group-like fighting against a common enemy. In this game, some group of people combats against zombies. With Left 4 Dead 2, you will have to work with other people to conquer an enemy.

Deus Ex – Mankind Divided

If you are looking for a shooter game that makes players excited, then Deus Ex Mankind Divided will provide the best solution. The first-person activity is all you get in this game along with role-playing one. There is no specific multiplayer combat mode in the game. Nevertheless, the game is exciting and requires your attention. The setting of the game occurs in Prague with gadgets and a map.

The first-person shooter game is educative, innovative, modern and informational. Players that want to learn more new skills and knowledge about the first-person shooter game can choose any of the options above.

DISCLAIMER: Look, if you have a PC that is powerful enough to play new video game titles, please stop reading this post. Buy a Nintendo Switch! It's a perfect convo with the PC.

If you are a beginner and want to get into gaming, this post is for you. First off, do not choose a PC for gaming if your budget is under $500. Why? You may ask. PCs are expensive to build, to build the cheapest gaming PC will cost you around $700! Look it up! And on top of that, even if you've got a very good setup, you'll need a high quality monitor having at least a refresh rate of 144hz. Anything lower than that you would make your games look teared up, even if you've got a killer CPU and GPU.

And switching out things from the PC for new ones and updating your system will be a pain in the ass. Yes, you could do more things with a PC. But if that's the case, why don't you just buy a laptop at $200? It's cheaper and it's for work.

Now coming to the main topic of conversation..

PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

I would say Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch Portable Gaming

Xbox bay have less exclusives but they are great! God Of War,Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 are great games! But compared to Halo, Cuphead, Deadrising and more, PS4 has got nothing except the recent God of War game for PS4. Nintendo Switch has more and better exclusives than both Xbox One and PS4 combined! The Game Of The Year "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle etc. are amazing games, in my opinion.

And the portability makes it even better.

So get the Xbox for all the multiplatform games and The Switch for your exclusives!
Please make constructive criticism down in the comments. I always appreciate a thoughtful discussion.

Hard water is the most difficult fact to accept. The more we learn and accept the reality of hard water, the easier it will be for us to find the right solution to the issue of hard water. We are well versed with the fact that hard water can significantly damage the plumping system of your house and it is irritating to know that how scale build-up can reduce the efficiency of the plumbing system and washers and water heaters. If you consider hard water to be an issue in your house, then chances are you have fallen victim to the some of the hard water myths and hence you might have installed hard water softeners. There are many people who avoid installing water softeners because of the myths about water softeners which are shared commonly and believed to be true. To make things clear about water softener here are 5 common myths and facts about water softener.

Facts About Water Softeners

  1. Myth – Water Softeners Add Too Much of Salt To Water

Fact – This is the common myth that is believed to be true. But the reality is that water softeners actually make use of ion exchange technology which removes the chemicals from water which cause the water to be hard. The ion exchange process replaces the hard minerals in water with the sodium ions and the sodium gets added to the water that is released by the facets and it is not salt. There is no evidence to prove that sodium may cause inflammation or other health complications.

  1. Myth – Water Softeners Remove Essential Nutrients from Water

Fact – It is believed that water softeners remove the essential nutrients, but in reality it only removes the minerals from water. Water that you drink add no essential nutrients to your diet and the fact is that the human body finds it difficult to absorb the inorganic minerals in water compared to the minerals found in foods. Magnesium and calcium are actually available excessively and can be digested easily in foods like grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

  1. Myth – The Water Softener Disburse Acidic Water

Fact – Till certain extent this myth is true because some of the water softeners deliver acidic water as it lowers the pH value of water, making it acidic in nature. But, the water softeners never make your water corrosive acid which is harmful for your health and plumbing. The water softeners usually remove the bicarbonates and replace it with carbon dioxide which lowers the pH value of water from 7 to 6. The neutral level of pH is 6 and it is not considered acidic and it is less acidic than rain water and milk.

  1. Myth - The Softened Water by Water Softener Leaves Film on Skin

Fact – Many people complain that after switching to soft water from hard water then experience a different feeling in their skin when they take shower. But the reality is that the slimy feeling is basically the film that is left behind by the soap which is not washed away by the water. In reality it is the opposite as hard water could leave behind the soap scum on your skin making you feel itchy. The slickness on your skin after shower is the natural essential oils of your hair and body that is produce naturally, but not the residue of soft water.

  1. Water Softeners Waste Energy, Salt and Water

Fact – Many people believe that taking shower is not wastage of water as it is a trade-off for using water and being clean. The same applies for water softener because there is a trade-off for the salt and water being used. In fact, having the best Water Softener can help you save money in different ways.

Thor: Ragnarok is a vivacious, punchy film that you have to watch today. It has been a success in China, which is something we are going to talk about later. This is a silly movie with a light heart. If you want to find something serious, Thor: Ragnarok is not for you. Thor: Ragnarok will allow you to live an amusing, fun, and diverting experience right away.

Many critics say that this movie is as silly as entertaining, and they just happen to love it. It is easier to make a silly movie than a dramatic one, and this might be the reason why Thor: Ragnarok is so astonishing. Thor: Ragnarok is an edgier movie and its director did an amazing job. This is the kind of superhero movie that you have to see today.

Main Characters of Thor: Ragnarok

  • Thor is the God of Thunder. He is the main character in this movie. Thor is fighting against his sister Hela.
  • Hela wants to destroy the famous real of Asgard. Thor wants to save this realm and he is doing what it takes to get what he wants. Hela is the Goddess of Death.
  • Loki is the stepbrother of Thor and he is working hard to get things done too.
  • Valkyrie is an avatar of suffering as a human (or Asgardian) reminder that Gilded Ages are built on blood and war.
  • Hulk makes some of the greatest sacrifices in the movie. When paired with the sad realization of the low self-esteem and self-hatred he has for himself, it allowed me to see Hulk in a whole new light.
  • Hemidall leads the refugees to a building in which a large number of Asgardians seek safety, and it becomes apparent Heimdall has taken it upon himself to be their protector.

Outstanding Plot

Thor is working hard to save Asgard from a bad prophecy. This prophecy is called the prophecy of Ragnarok. This movie is full of comedy but you will also see tons of gloom and doom. Since Hela has her own plans for Asgard, Thor will have a lot of trouble. Banner is also an important character who will work hard with Thor to save Asgard. Valkyrie is another friend of Thor, and this friend will work also hard with Thor. They are the Revengers. This is a clever name for this group too.

Loki is a conman and you will have a lot of fun with him. He has a lot of great things to show and you will love it. The two brothers will be together for a long time during the movie, and you will happen to have a blast with this in no time. You will not see a lot of human friends around Thor because the movie does not occur on Earth most of the time. His Asgardian friends show up from time to time, but you might want this to happen more often during the course of this moving picture.

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Thor: Ragnarok- Marvel's Great Success)

Thor: Ragnarok is a great success in mainland China because of its high-quality plot. Thor: Ragnarok has topped the box office in China, and this is great news for the fans of this film. The movie has done this for two consecutive weeks, which is something remarkable for any moving picture out there. The blockbuster just got $41.1 million last week. Thor: Ragnarok has accumulated $96 in the past 10 days, and this is what we truly call performance for a moving picture. Thor: Ragnarok has also out-earned the money generated from its two predecessors… combined.

Thor: Ragnarok is an imported film in China that has grossed more money than its predecessors of the past. So Thor: Ragnarok is truly here to stay for a long time, and its fans just love it. Online reviews for Thor: Ragnarok is mostly positive, which means that this film will be making way more money in the coming weeks and months as well. Chinese viewers love 3D films, and they truly adore Thor: Ragnarok these days because of its high-quality plot. The film also had accurate Chinese subtitles along with a witty dialogue. So Thor: Ragnarok is truly a winner today.

Blu-Ray/DVD of this movie is now out in the market. You can also stream and download the movie using ShowBox APK Remember that Thor: Ragnarok is here to stay for a long time because it has been very well made. Thor: Ragnarok has an amazing plot and you will love it. If you want to watch a silly, funny, action packed with full throttle movie, Thor: Ragnarok is for you.

You know what they say…you want the best? Then prepare to pay! Alienware is a brand that does not mess around. Just looking at it makes you realize that the 34-inch spaceship that landed in your living room is mighty pretty and oozes power. Its silver finish gives a cutting-edge feel, and the two LED light strips, which you can change the color of, provide a space-age impression. Its eerie glow heightens your gaming suspense, and upon closer inspection, you will not be disappointed as the violent, vivid colors displayed on this monitor bring your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The AW3418DW is a mouthful to say, but you might as well keep that mouth of yours open for the jaw-dropping specs it throws at you. It is the best gaming monitor out there and clocks an impressive refresh rate of 120Hz, which for the new buyer means bye-bye to blur and ta-ta to tearing. You will undoubtedly be moving from a slower device, and the difference will be as clear as the screen you are looking at.

The Alienware’s display is so broad that the player’s peripheral vision gets to savor the sensation of playing a game. Where an HDTV has an aspect ratio of 16:9, the AW3418DW rivals the aspect ratio of your latest movie house with 21:9. With a width like that, we are talking a totally immersive gaming experience. What is more, when it comes to width – Alienware have kept the bezels to a minimum, and therefore it does not encroach on any of your screen real estates.

One would think with a monitor like this; you would have to beam someone in from Star Trek to assemble it. Fortunately, this is not the case, and without having to get out your screwdrivers, spanners or even the hammer, you can have this sturdy, yet sleek, monster screen ready to whisk you away in no time at all. Due to you being able to take off the back panel you can now easily get to the I/O ports on this impressive monitor. It also comes with a DisplayPort 1.2 and an HDMI 1.4 connection which is really all you need for gaming pleasure. To add to this, there is a 3.5mm headphone port, four USB 3 ports, and a USB upstream port.

At just over a thousand dollars Alienware stays ahead of the game with their gorgeous and curved monitor. The screen can be tilted forward or backward, swiveled side to side and even raised up and down. The gaming characters burst to life and move fluidly with no noticeable drag. The gaming sensation is instant, vivid and powerful with an explosion of detail. You will be sucked into your gaming reality.

It is a no-brainer when it comes to competitive gaming. The AW3418DW puts you on the battlefield and gives you the whole picture clearer and faster than anything else out there, allowing you to beat your competitors like Alienware have beaten theirs. Good luck.

Death Note, a film by Netflix, follows the footsteps of its predecessors in the world of anime to live-action adaptation by being a mediocre film with little of its source material's charm and complexity. Directed by Adam Wingard and starring Nat Wolff, Keith Stanfield, Willem Dafoe, and Margaret Qualley among others, the film's biggest shortcoming lay not with the cast and crew, but in the plot's erratic pacing.

On paper, the plot is a strong one with myriad twists and turns. Strongly written characters emerge and are continuously built throughout the story, but herein lies the largest problem with Death Note. With source material consisting of a twelve-hour-long anime and a one-hundred and eight chapter's worth of manga, there is simply too much plot to confine into a single, two-hour-long film. Despite director, Adam Wingard's best efforts, it's clear that much of the plot's finer details had to be sacrificed for the sake of time.

Set in Seattle, Death Note follows anti-hero Light Turner, played by Nat Wolff. An intelligent yet angsty teenager, Light is soon thrust in over his head after discovering an ancient notebook which grants him almost godlike power over life and death. To murder, all he needs to do is simply picture an individual and write their name down in the notebook. After a brief trial period in which he tests the notebook's powers on a school bully, he quickly ropes in his love interest, Mia Sutton, played by Margaret Qualley, and together they take down numerous bad guys around the world. Dogging his steps is the eccentric detective, L, played beautifully by Keith Stanfield, who is determined to get to the bottom of these murders. All the while, the true murderer, a Japanese spirit of death named Ryuk (masterfully portrayed by Willem Dafoe) lurks in Light's bedroom.

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It is in the execution of this plot that the issues with having a very limited timeframe become apparent. Where, in the source material, L and Light were portrayed as equally skilled players in a game of metaphysical chess with real people as their pieces, the film's rush to climax undercuts this conflict by taking what could have easily been a manhunt that was long, complex, and gruelling for both parties and turns it into a showdown which is as laughably one-sided as it is embarrassingly simple. Light's gradual descent into becoming an assassin with a magical notebook as his weapon appeared to have been written out entirely, replaced instead by an instantaneous decision to embrace his newfound power.


However, while the plot suffers from constriction, the visuals and score come alive with this fast-paced take on the Death Note story. Ryuk is a nightmare come alive with a flair for dramatic entrances. Distant murder sequences are vibrant and well-crafted, thoroughly immersing the audience in the small picture in terms of the plot. The actors work their hearts out to sell their characters and, for the most part, they succeed. The movie's score sets the mood of each scene exquisitely and meshes well with the overlying structure of the plot.

Death Note, while lacking in plot, substance, and complexity, nevertheless manages to be adequately carried by its talented cast and crew. As a film, it is worth a single watch, though a rewatch may be pushing things a little too far.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest and most popular movie production studios that has revolutionized the comic book movies. Marvel has shown incredible growth in the past decade and still continues to show much growth to come in the near future. This has continuously increased its fanbase and consequently, it's popularity in the world. In this article we are going to tell you 10 amazing facts from Marvel Cinematic Universe that you didn't know:

1.) Marvel total earnings are $ 7.1 Billion. Marvel studios decided to take the risk of producing its own films and also setting the films in the same cinematic universe. The first blockbuster that they created was Ironman which was well received and later followed up by The Incredible Hulk that didn't perform as expected. After creating this two movies Marvel decided to up their game by creating Avengers which brought up a belief of marvel shared universe that had all superheroes. Avengers is now at number 5 on the listicle of the highest selling films of all time with a total sale of more than $1.5 billion. All other Marvel movies have a sale of more than $250 million that totals up to $7.1 billion of Marvel's total earnings.

2.)  Samuel L Jackson commonly known as Nick Fury has a signed contract to appear on nine Marvel movies. He has already appeared on five Marvel movies and still has four more movies to appear on before the deal expires.

3.) Robert Downey's pay rise: In the late 90's Downey was arrested and charged with drug possession, this brought his career to a downward spiral. In 2001 he patched himself up and made a comeback on Ironman (2008) as Tony Stark. In this deal, he was only paid $500,000 that can't be compared to the sales of $585 million that the movie, Iron man made at worldwide box office. He was later paid $10 million so as to make a return as Ironman and a further $50 million so as to in The Avengers.

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4.) Terrence Howard who played the role of Col. James Rhodes in Ironman, was the highest paid actor on the film at that moment, bagging a sum of $3.5 million. These amounts were later lowered to $1 million dollars.This made Howard decline the offer hence forcing Marvel to award the role to Don Cheadle who happily accepted it.

5.) The Marvel franchise is the 2nd highest grossing movie franchise after Harry Potter with only 10 movies. Harry Potter is first with a total of $8 billion. It is predicted that this will soon change and Marvel will top the list and it'll be available on

6.) The Marvel universe was created by Kevin Feige who is the current president of Marvel Studios. He is the one who came up with the idea of a shared Marvel universe among the superheroes. He later took a big loan to make a fantasy world set that Ironman was shot.

7.) Clark Gregg who plays the role of Agent Phil Coulson has the longest screen time in Marvel movies combined. He has appeared on Iron man, Iron man 2, Avengers, Thor, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

8.) Daniel Craig commonly known as James Bond was originally considered for Thor's role in 2011's Thor. He declined the offer due to his already existing contractual terms with James Bond franchise. The role was later given to Chris Hemsworth.

9.) The Mandarin is the villain in the world of comic books (Ironman). The Mandarin was to be the main villain in the first Iron Man but Jon Favreau, Iron man director dropped the idea citing it as so strong for the first part.

10.) Joss Whedon is Marvels creative consultant in each and every movie Marvel produces. He advises the movie directors without necessarily getting in the way of the filmmakers.


All the above facts are 100% true and have been extensively researched before being published. We bet you have never heard these facts before.

Who is Deadpool?

If you are not familiar with the funniest (anti)hero that Marvel has to offer, then you have to make some free time and watch this amazing,action-packed movie!

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is just another normal guy who used to work for the Special Forces and switched jobs to become a mercenary. His story only gets more complicated when he finds out that he has cancer in multiple organs. Desperate to find any cure for his situation he is contacted by a shady scientist Ajax, whose experiment doesn't go as well as planned. After that horrible accident our favorite antihero is born, the not so noble but definitely amusing and witty - Deadpool. The accident left him with accelerated regeneration powers, burns all over his face and only one thing on his mind - revenge for the man who made him suffer and lose the love of his life, his girlfriend Vanessa.

Why is everyone hyped about Deadpool 2?

We have to be honest, after the huge success that Deadpool movie had everyone is looking forward to Deadpool 2. Actors have done a pretty good job in advertising the movie all over the Internet, especially the star of the movie, Ryan Reynolds.


Ryan Reynolds is one of the biggest Deadpool fans out there. He is a big comic geek and he loved the character of Deadpool a long time before he was hired to play him on the big screens. The one thing that Deadpool 2 hype brings us is a variety of funny and crazy teasers for the upcoming movie.

In the last of those teasers we can see Ryan Reynolds dressed as Bob Ross, reenacting a scene from the famous tv show "The Joy of Painting". Although Deadpool's show is more like a vulgar remake of Bob Ross' art, "Gettin' wet on wet" doesn't disappoint at all. Reynolds "teaches" us how to instantly paint amazing pictures of bushes and trees while explaining which techniques and colors he is using, like 'red dit' or 'betty white'. With his unique style, Deadpool gives us a short, but important life lesson - "hugs, not drugs", while being "high as a kite".

During this short teaser, we can see several cuts to the scenes from the movie, filled with fire, car crashes, and gunshots. In these scenes, we catch a glimpse of other superheroes that will be starring in Deadpool 2, some of which we can recognize from Deadpool the movie.

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Why you should be waiting with impatience for Deadpool 2 to hit the big screens

If you are looking for an action-packed comedy that will leave you speechless, then this is just the right movie for you!
Deadpool's dark humor and immature behavior will make him your favorite antihero and you will cheer for him through every step of his twisted journey. Even though he doesn't have the greatest moral compass and sometimes he will do things that are just crazy, one thing is for sure, Deadpool won't leave you indifferent.

The first part of Deadpool has justified fans expectations, earning around $800 million worldwide! The good thing is that we won't wait too long for the Deadpool 2 premiere, because it will hit theaters June 1,2018.

Marvel movies are some of the staples of modern cinema. Midnight releases, things to look forward to and beautiful spectacles have made every new release a part of our calendars. While they have taken a couple of missteps along the way the best of Marvel is some of the best of cinema. If you want to find the finest Marvel has to offer, here you have them.

#5 Iron Man

While it lacks some of the polish of the later movies Iron Man must get a mention because, well, it's why we have Marvel movies. This funny, action-packed the spectacle of a movie launched the superhero genre back into popularity with its charming lead, pulse-pounding robot fights and compelling storyline. This article personally challenges readers to go back and watch the first time Iron Man takes off and try not to think it's awesome.

#4 Thor Ragnarok

The latest offering from Marvel is one of its best, launching itself into one of the highest echelons with compelling villains, charming comedy and excellent performances in every leading role. From Jeff Goldblum's a dorky ruler of the world to Hela's imposing figure. Every major character is worth the watch. Thor shines on screen and plays off Loki and the Hulk brilliantly. Plus, the fight scenes have to be seen to be believed.

#3 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians heralded a new generation of more of a fun Marvel movies. It was explosive, clever, goofy and featured a cast of characters who were all fun and all played well together. It also features one of the Marvels few legitimately credible villains in Ronan the Accuser. The obsessed and enraged Ronan was the perfect straight man to the ridiculous antics of the main group. With space travel, spectacles and action to spare, it has become one of the best-loved Marvel movies for a good reason.

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#2 The Avengers

The first time we had a working Marvel team and one of the coolest things we'd seen at the time Avengers still holds up magnificently. The Hulk shines every moment he shows up, and each character gets to take on Loki in their own way, going from strength to strength. Also, you get to see an old man stand up to a god and Thor smashed Captain America with a hammer. Which is great AF.

#1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America, the Winter Soldier is the best movie Marvel has made and one of the best action movies period. It's action-packed, the characters are amazing and frankly, it's simply the smartest movie Marvel has made to date. Fast paced and seamlessly melding action, superhero and spy movie conventions while keeping a flavor and spectacle that is so essentially Marvel.

Marvel Cinema has been going from strength to strength over the years and only seems to be getting smarter, bigger and better as time goes by. With the Infinity War event coming and the Black Widow movie just announced things are only going to get better.